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Sillage Coffee
  • Sillage Coffee

    A coffee experience following Yuthanan's roots—a trip that started in Thailand, made its way to France, and ended in Japan—we carefully selected coffee beans from Thailand, slowly roasted in the same fashion as a deep French roast. All of this was achieved in collaboration with "So So Gu Coffee" from Kyoto. The roast is pre-sealed in a drip bag, conveniently fits in any cup, and is ready to drink after adding hot water.

    Yuthanan のルーツを辿るコーヒーの旅


    それを丁寧にゆっくりと深煎りのフレンチローストしました。そのすべてを京都の”So so gu Coffee”さんとのコラボで実現。

    タイ フランス 日本を巡るコーヒーの体験をぜひお試しください。




    Each bag contains 10 drip bags of 10g.

    10g  * 10個

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